FAQ - frequently asked Questions
Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and the best tips for using the juvote.de platform correctly. If your question is not answered, you can also use the contact form to contact our juvote team.
A. General
1. Who is juvote.de intended for?
juvote.de is for everyone, there are no restrictions or special target groups. Everyone has the opportunity to create their questions or polls for themselves personally, out of interest, for current concerns or for other reasons. Companies can also use the platform, e.g. to enable polls among certain customers or to create in-house polls. The invisible polls, for example, are suitable for this.
2. What options do I have on juvote.de?
The functionality of juvote.de is mainly limited to creating polls and writing messages. You have several options for sharing these polls. Registered users still have the option to maintain their profile and create specific channels for polls. In addition to polls, registered users can also create messages to get in touch with the community. If further functionality is desired, juvote.de reserves the right to implement changes to the system, the profiles, or functions without deadlines or the consent of the community.
3. How do I delete my account at juvote.de?
If you no longer wish to be a member of juvote.de, go to your profile settings, where you have the option of deleting your account.
4. Why are my polls still online after deleting the account?
If you have decided to delete your account, your profile will be deactivated and all personal data will be deleted. Only the nickname is retained so that visitors can still view the polls that have been created. If you want all polls to be deleted as well, you can either delete your polls yourself before ending your membership, or you can contact juvote.de via the Contact form with the wish that all data belonging to your profile be completely deleted.
B. Polls
1. What kind of polls can I create?
In principle, there are no restrictions on what polls can be created. There are numerous categories to find the right section for each type of poll. The only thing to ensure is that the content of the polls does not violate our general terms of use.
2. What are my options with a poll?
After you create your survey, you have several options. You can run the survey as normal and let all visitors, including guests, vote (if public). You can use the function to share the survey to generate a link that you can send by email, Whatsapp... You can also use this function to directly share the survey on different platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter... Finally, you have the option of creating a screenshot using the corresponding function, so you have saved a picture of the survey with you, which you can also send. Note that the poll image is a snapshot and will not change as voting patterns change.
3. How do I vote?
If a poll hasn't ended yet and you haven't voted yet, you won't see the provisional result of the poll, just the possible answers. By clicking on a possible answer, you cast your vote. If the creator of the poll allows daily voting, you have the opportunity to click on an answer option and vote with it every day until the poll is over.
4. What does daily voting mean?
When creating a survey there are u.A. the option "vote daily", which allows users to vote again every day. This can be useful for questions where a different answer is expected every day, e.g. "What shift are you working today?". This allows you to get an average value. This option makes less sense in connection with the option "everyone can vote", as in this case the desired result can be falsified or less meaningful.
5. What is an invisible poll?
If you activate the "invisible poll" option when creating the poll, the poll will not be displayed to visitors. It doesn't appear on the home page or on your site, and you can't find it with a search either. Only visitors who have been given the direct link to the survey can view the survey. It should be noted that the survey is not protected from unauthorized access, there is no password protection. The only protection is that the address or link is not public knowledge.
6. What does it mean that everyone can vote?
If everyone can vote is activated, this means that every visitor to the site has the opportunity to cast their vote. It doesn't matter if it's a registered user or just a guest. Polls that allow anyone to vote may be less meaningful as guests can vote multiple times if they are on different networks. It is therefore quite possible that this option will result in multiple votes being cast over the course of the poll.
7. How long will the polls stay online?
That's what's special about juvote.de, polls are retained for as long as the creator wishes. This gives you the opportunity to research what the opinion on a certain topic or question was, even years later. Only the creator has the option to delete the survey.
8. Can I create as many polls as I want?
Theoretically yes, juvote does not limit the number of polls. There is only a limit to the frequency or the time interval between creating a survey. To prevent spam and excessive creation of polls, it is only possible to create a poll every 15 minutes.
C. Profile
1. What is the profile description for
With the help of the profile description you can write something about yourself or your account. The profile description may also contain links to other accounts of yours on other platforms. Everything is allowed that does not violate the general terms of use.
2. What do I use channels for?
The channels serve as an overview. You can group your surveys into different categories of your own to ensure a better overview for your visitors. If you delete a channel, the polls will remain unaffected and will continue to exist.
3. Which pictures can I upload?
The profile picture and channel background can be uploaded in "jpg", "png" or "gif" format. The formats "svg" and "webp" are currently not supported. The profile is automatically resized and you have the option to adjust the size and position of the image before uploading it. The channel background image should be 800x215 or 1600x430 pixels in size to be fully visible. Of course, other resolutions are also possible if the aspect ratio is maintained.
4. What do I use the news for?
The news is an additional function of the portal. With the messages you have the opportunity to get in contact with the visitors and to reveal something about yourself, your intentions or similar. In addition to the surveys, the messages offer users space for discussions and conversations through the associated comment function.
5. What is the signature?
In your settings you will find the option to create a signature. If you have created a signature and it is activated, it will be visible under every survey you create. The signature is placed in front of the other information that can be provided when creating a survey. This should make it easier for you if you should have information that everyone who visits your surveys should always see. This can also be links, information about you, or what you think is important. Again, please note the general terms of use.