Terms and conditions
Registering and using our portal and forums is completely free of charge for you. Register only if you accept the rules and explanations mentioned here. You can read the rules below.

Although the site administrators and moderators try to keep all unwanted messages and polls off this site, it is impossible to manually review all content. All messages and polls express the views of the authors and the website owners cannot be held responsible for the content of individual messages.

By completing the registration you agree that you will not use this website for profanity , vulgarity, insults, propaganda of (extreme) political views or (verbal) violations of the law.

Furthermore, entries and user accounts can be deleted by moderators and administrators of this website, among other things, for reasons of violating common decency without further reasons can be edited or deleted.

Have fun using your portal: juvote.de!
General rules
1. Show respect

Our community is mainly about the opinions of others, which is the aim of this page. Therefore, it can always happen that you come across opinions in the form of comments or posts in the forum that contradict your own attitude or opinion. Accept or tolerate them! Content with an insulting, racist or other aggressive tendency has no place here.

2. Spamming

Please do not use our portal and forum for spamming, i.e. bombarding the forum with meaningless or duplicate comments and posts. Likewise, please try to avoid duplicate or multiple polls. If it becomes apparent that such actions have been taken intentionally, this will result in the immediate blocking of the user. In the case of minor violations, users will of course be warned first.

3. Stay clean

Any objectionable content (posts, usernames, user profiles, forum names, or subject lines that may be found obscene, degrading, or offensive) or links to such content will be deleted. Participation in or encouragement to commit crimes will result in immediate cancellation of membership and may result in legal consequences.

4. Caution copyright

As the operator of this portal and forum, we also have the obligation to comply with the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, please note the following points regarding copyright:

  • No texts may be transferred from other websites unless you are the author of these websites yourself or have expressly given permission to share the content.
  • You can publish your own text contributions at juvote.de under the GNU License
  • If you upload polls, images, videos or other files to juvote.de, you must comply with the licenses just mentioned.
  • All files that violate copyright law will be deleted immediately and without comment.
5. No Ads

Spam posts, chain or pyramid letters, appeals for donations, advertising or promotional emails and polls with their purpose are prohibited.

6. Debauchery

Our portal offers an extensive list of categories. Try to keep posts and comments on individual polls on topic.

7. Personal Data

Our portal and forum is accessible to everyone, as is your profile, which you can fill out as you wish. It is up to you to decide how much information you want to disclose about yourself. As a general rule, make sure that you do not provide any information that you do not want to make publicly available. If you wish, you can obtain information about the data stored about you at any time. If you no longer need or want your account on juvote.de, you can use the contact form to have your data completely deleted.

8. Realistic view

It may happen that users of our portal create polls or topics to discuss or solve personal views or problems. It is therefore inevitable that in such cases you will receive supposedly professional answers from alleged experts who actually do not have the appropriate qualifications. It is up to you to use common sense and a dose of foresight to judge posts and replies addressed to you.

9. Deletion of posts or withdrawal of usage rights

The operators of the juvote.de site, its administrators and moderators reserve the right to delete posts, topics and comments after thorough assessment without warning and without comment in the event of rule violations. In the case of drastic violations of the rules, this can result in the permanent blocking of the user profile.

10. Report rule violations

If you notice any violations of the rules, please be conscientious and write us a short message via the “Contact” link, which you can find at the bottom of this page. Most of the content on juvote.de gives you the opportunity to report the relevant content directly. In doing so, you make a significant contribution to the fact that juvote.de, as you value it, exists and is maintained. We will investigate a report as quickly as possible and respond appropriately.

Thank you, your juvote.de-team